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Sonatas Volume 9 K408 - 457 Harpsichord



Currently on order. Usually ships within 3-5 working days.

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Currently on order. Usually available to collect in 3-5 working days.


Additional Product Information

Sonatas Volume 9 K408 - 457 Harpsichord
  • Composer/Author: Scarlatti, D
  • Editor: Gilbert, K
  • Instrumentation: Keyboard
  • Contents:

    K – Kirkpatrick L – Longo P-Pestelli CZ – Czerny

    K408 L346 P436 B minor Andante

    K409 L150 P436 B minor Allegro

    K410 LS43 P372 B♭ major Allegro

    K411 L69 P351 B♭ major Allegro

    K412 L182 P463 G major Allegro

    K413 L125 P416 G major Allegro

    K414 L310 P373 D major Allegro

    K415 LS11 P175 D major Pastoral Allegro

    K416 L149 P454 D major Presto

    K417 L462 P40 D minor Allegro moderato

    K418 L26 P510 F major Allegro

    K419 L279 P524 F major Piu tosto presto che allegro

    K420 LS2 P352 CZ169 C major Allegro

    K421 L252 P459 CZ170 C major Allegro

    K422 L451 P511 CZ141 C major Allegro

    K423 L102 P455 CZ143 C major Presto

    K424 L289 P374 CZ142 G major Allegro

    K425 L333 P426 CZ144 G major Allegro molto

    K426 L128 P128 CZ45 G minor Andante

    K427 L286 P286 CZ145 G major Presto quanto sia possible

    K428 L131 P131 CZ46 A major Allegro

    K429 L132 P132 CZ47 A major Allegro

    K430 L463 P463 CZ50 D major Non presto ma a tempo di ballo

    K431 L83 P83 G major Allegro

    K432 L288 P288 CZ171 G major Allegro

    K433 L453 P453 CZ172 G major Vivo

    K434 L343 P498 CZ176 D minor Andante

    K435 L361 P466 CZ174 D major Allegro

    K436 L109 P404 D major Allegro

    K437 L278 P499 CZ139 F major Andante comodo

    K438 L381 P467 CZ140 F major Allegro

    K439 L47 P473 B♭ major Moderato

    K440 L97 P328 B♭ major Minuet

    K441 LS39 P375 CZ146 B♭ major Allegro

    K442 L319 P229 CZ147 B♭ major Allegro

    K443 L418 P376 CZ148 D major Allegro

    K444 L420 P441 CZ149 D minor Allegrissimo

    K445 L385 P468 CZ150 F major Allegro o presto

    K446 L433 P177 CZ72 F major Pastorale Allegrissimo

    K447 L294 P191 CZ151 F♯ minor Allegro

    K448 L485 P261 CZ152 F♯ minor Allegro

    K449 L444 P405 CZ153 G major Allegro

    K450 L338 P422 CZ44 G minor Allegrissimo

    K451 L243 P366 CZ103 A minor Allegro

    K452 A major Andante allegro

    K453 P280 A major Andante

    K454 L184 P423 CZ154 G major Andante spirituoso

    K455 L209 P354 CZ155 G major Allegro

    K456 L491 P377 CZ156 A major Allegro

    K457 L292 P442 CZ157 A major Allegro

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