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Sonatas Volume 11 K507 - 555 Harpsichord



Currently on order. Usually ships within 3-5 working days.

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Currently on order. Usually available to collect in 3-5 working days.


Additional Product Information

Sonatas Volume 11 K507 - 555 Harpsichord
  • Composer/Author: Scarlatti, D
  • Editor: Gilbert, K
  • Instrumentation: Keyboard
  • Contents:

    K – Kirkpatrick L – Longo P-Pestelli CZ – Czerny

    K507 L113 P478 E♭ major Andantino cantabile

    K508 L19 P516 E♭ major Allegro

    K509 L311 P387 D major Allegro

    K510 L277 P525 D minor Allegro molto

    K511 L314 P388 D major Allegro

    K512 L339 P359 D major Allegro

    K513 LS3 P176 C major Moderato e Molto allegro – Presto

    K514 L1 P389 C major Allegro

    K515 L255 P417 C major Allegro

    K516 LS12 P523 D minor Allegretto

    K517 L266 P517 CZ190 D minor Prestissimo

    K518 L116 P390 F major Allegro

    K519 L475 P445 CZ189 F minor Allegro assai

    K520 L86 P362 G major Allegretto

    K521 L408 P492 G major Allegro

    K522 LS25 P526 G major Allegro

    K523 L490 P527 CZ197 G major Allegro

    K524 L283 P528 F major Allegro

    K525 L188 P529 CZ194 F major Allegro

    K526 L456 P530 CZ193 C minor Allegro comodo

    K527 L458 P531 C major Allegro assai

    K528 L200 P532 B♭ major Allegro

    K529 L327 P533 CZ188 B♭ major Allegro

    K530 L44 P534 E major Allegro

    K531 L430 P535 CZ67 E major Allegro

    K532 L223 P536 CZ187 A minor Allegro

    K533 L395 P537 CZ186 A major Allegro assai

    K534 L11 P538 D major Cantabile

    K535 L262 P531 CZ185 D major Allegro

    K536 L236 P540 A major Cantabile

    K537 L293 P541 A major Prestissimo

    K538 L254 P542 G major Allegretto

    K539 L121 P543 G major Allegro

    K540 LS17 P544 F major Allegretto

    K541 L120 P545 F major Allegretto

    K542 L167 P546 F major Allegretto

    K543 L227 P547 F major Allegro

    K544 L497 P548 B♭ major Cantabile

    K545 L500 P549 B♭ major Prestissimo

    K546 L312 P550 G minor Cantabile

    K547 LS28 P551 G major Allegro

    K548 L404 P552 C major Allegretto

    K549 LS1 P553 C major Allegro

    K550 LS42 P554 B♭ major Allegretto

    K551 L396 555 CZ184 B♭ major Allegro

    K552 L421 556 D minor Allegretto

    K553 L425 557 CZ183 D minor Allegro

    K554 LS21 558 F major Allegretto

    K555 L477 559 F minor Allegro

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