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Sonatas Volume 1 K1- K52 Harpsichord


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Additional Product Information

Sonatas Volume 1 K1- K52 Harpsichord
  • Composer/Author: Scarlatti, D
  • Editor: Gilbert, K
  • Instrumentation: Keyboard
  • Contents:

    K - Kirkpatrick, l - Longo. P - Pestelli, CZ Czerny

    K1 L366 P57 CZ6 D minor Allegro

    K2 L388 P58 CZ7 G major Presto

    K3 L378 P59 CZ8 A minor Presto

    K4 L390 P60 CZ9 G minor Allegro

    K5 L367 P61 CZ10 D minor Allegro

    K6 L479 P62 CZ11 F major Allegro

    K7 L379 P63 CZ12 A minor Presto

    K8 L488 P64 CZ13 G minor Allegro

    K9 L413 P65 CZ14 D minor Allegro

    K10 L370 P66 CZ15 D minor Presto

    K11 L352 P67 CZ17 C minor Allegro

    K12 L489 P68 CZ18 G minor Presto

    K13 L486 P69 CZ19 G major Presto

    K14 L387 P70 CZ20 G major Presto

    K15 L374 P71 CZ21 E minor Allegro

    K16 L397 P72 CZ22 B♭ major Presto

    K17 L384 P73 CZ23 F major Presto

    K18 L416 P74 CZ24 D minor Presto

    K19 L383 P75 CZ25 F minor Allegro

    K20 L375 P76 CZ26 E major Presto

    K21 L363 P77 CZ27 D major Allegro

    K22 L360 P78 CZ28 C minor Allegro

    K23 L411 P79 CZ29 D major Allegro

    K24 L495 P80 CZ30 A major Presto

    K25 L481 P81 CZ31 F ♯ minor Allegro

    K26 L368 P82 CZ32 A major Presto

    K27 L449 P83 CZ33 B minor Allegro

    K28 L373 P84 CZ34 E major Presto

    K29 L461 P85 CZ36 D major Presto

    K30 L499 P86 CZ199 G minor Moderato The CAt Fugue

    K31 L231 P19 CZ59 G minor Allegro

    K32 L423 P14 D minor Aria

    K33 L424 P130 CZ58 D major

    K34 LS7 P15 D minor Larghetto

    K35 L386 P20 CZ35 G minor Allegro

    K36 L245 P91 CZ61 A minor Allegro

    K37 L406 P2 CZ62 C minor Allegro

    K38 L478 P97 CZ60 F major Allegro

    K39 L391 P53 CZ65 A major Allegro

    K40 L357 P119 C minor Minuetto

    K41 P37 CZ198 D minor Andante moderato

    K42 LS36 P120 B ♭ major Minuetto

    K43 L40 P133 G minor Allegro assai

    K44 L432 P116 CZ175 F major Allegro

    K45 L265 P230 CZ93 D major Allegro

    K46 L25 P179 E major Presto

    K47 L46 P115 B ♭ major Presto

    K48 L157 P87 C minor Presto

    K49 L301 P178 C major Presto

    K50 L144 P440 CZ181 F minor Allegro

    K51 L20 P151 E ♭ major Allegro

    K52 L267 P41 D minor Andante moderato

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