Sonatas Volume 5 K206 - 255 Harpsichord

Alphonse Leduc

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Sonatas Volume 5 K206 - 255 Harpsichord
  • Composer/Author: Scarlatti, D
  • Instrumentation: Keyboard
  • Contents:

    K – Kirkpatrick L – Longo P-Pestelli CZ – Czerny

    K206 L257 P307 CZ94 E major Andante

    K207 L371 P140 E major Allegro

    K208 L238 P315 A major Adagio e cantabile

    K209 L428 P209 A major Allegro

    K210 L123 P293 G major Andante

    K211 L133 P277 CZ49 A major Andantino

    K212 L135 P155 CZ182 A major Allegro molto

    K213 L108 P288 D minor Andante

    K214 L165 P430 D major Allegro vivo

    K215 L323 P281 CZ80 E major Andante

    K216 L273 P320 CZ66 E major Allegro

    K217 L42 P287 A minor Andante

    K218 L392 P237 CZ101 A minor Vivo

    K219 L393 P278 A major Andante

    K220 L342 P309 A major Allegro

    K221 L259 P215 A major Allegro

    K222 L309 P236 A major Vivo

    K223 L214 P188 CZ133 D major Allegro

    K224 L268 P225 CZ134 D major Vivo

    K225 L351 P202 C major Allegro

    K226 L112 P101 C minor Allegro

    K227 L347 P52 B minor Allegro

    K228 L399 P224 B♭ major Allegro

    K229 L199 P139 CZ135 B♭ major Allegro vivo

    K230 L354 P47 C minor Allegro

    K231 L409 P393 C major Allegro

    K232 L62 P317 E minor Andante

    K233 L467 P497 CZ136 E minor Allegro

    K234 L49 P286 G minor Andante

    K235 L154 P172 G major Allegro

    K236 L161 P201 D major Allegro

    K237 L308 P446 D major Allegro

    K238 L27 P55 F minor Andante

    K239 L281 P56 F minor Allegro

    K240 LS29 P368 G major Allegro

    K241 L180 P431 CZ137 G major Allegro

    K242 L202 P243 C major Vivo

    K243 L353 P394 C major Allegro

    K244 L348 P298 CZ75 B major Allegro

    K245 L450 P299 B major Allegro

    K246 L260 P296 CZ88 C♯ minor Allegro

    K247 L256 P297 CZ81 C♯ minor Allegro

    K248 LS35 P187 B♭ major Allegro

    K249 L39 P424 B♭ major Allegro

    K250 L174 P461 C major Allegro

    K251 L305 P314 C major Allegro

    K252 L159 P203 E♭ major Allegro

    K253 L320 P239 E♭ major Allegro

    K254 L219 P254 C minor Allegro

    K255 L439 P226 C major Allegro

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