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Sonatas Volume 5 K206 - 255 Harpsichord



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Currently on order. Usually available to collect in 3-5 working days.


Italian composer, Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) is well-known for his Keyboard compositions. His 555 Keyboard Sonatas remain ever popular to this day, and it is for this reason that this fifth volume is indispensable to performers of the genre.

Originally composed for the Harpsichord, Organ or early Pianoforte, the Sonatas display the riveting use of discords and unconventional modulations to remote keys. It is also thought that much of Scarlatti's Keyboard music contains influences of Iberian music, considering that he spent much of his working life in the service of the Spanish and Portuguese royal families. The fifth volume, comprising Sonatas 206-255, includes many of the popular and recognised Sonatas in a variety of keys. Bearing in mind that Domenico Scarlatti was a highly competent and popular Keyboard player in his day, so much so that he was employed in the service of two royal families, his Sonatas are composed with much experience, understanding and expertise, creating an essential addition to the repertoire of all Keyboard players of the Baroque genre.

Additional Product Information

Sonatas Volume 5 K206 - 255 Harpsichord
  • Composer/Author: Scarlatti, D
  • Editor: Gilbert, K
  • Instrumentation: Keyboard
  • Format: sheet music
  • Contents:

    K – Kirkpatrick L – Longo P-Pestelli CZ – Czerny

    K206 L257 P307 CZ94 E major Andante

    K207 L371 P140 E major Allegro

    K208 L238 P315 A major Adagio e cantabile

    K209 L428 P209 A major Allegro

    K210 L123 P293 G major Andante

    K211 L133 P277 CZ49 A major Andantino

    K212 L135 P155 CZ182 A major Allegro molto

    K213 L108 P288 D minor Andante

    K214 L165 P430 D major Allegro vivo

    K215 L323 P281 CZ80 E major Andante

    K216 L273 P320 CZ66 E major Allegro

    K217 L42 P287 A minor Andante

    K218 L392 P237 CZ101 A minor Vivo

    K219 L393 P278 A major Andante

    K220 L342 P309 A major Allegro

    K221 L259 P215 A major Allegro

    K222 L309 P236 A major Vivo

    K223 L214 P188 CZ133 D major Allegro

    K224 L268 P225 CZ134 D major Vivo

    K225 L351 P202 C major Allegro

    K226 L112 P101 C minor Allegro

    K227 L347 P52 B minor Allegro

    K228 L399 P224 B♭ major Allegro

    K229 L199 P139 CZ135 B♭ major Allegro vivo

    K230 L354 P47 C minor Allegro

    K231 L409 P393 C major Allegro

    K232 L62 P317 E minor Andante

    K233 L467 P497 CZ136 E minor Allegro

    K234 L49 P286 G minor Andante

    K235 L154 P172 G major Allegro

    K236 L161 P201 D major Allegro

    K237 L308 P446 D major Allegro

    K238 L27 P55 F minor Andante

    K239 L281 P56 F minor Allegro

    K240 LS29 P368 G major Allegro

    K241 L180 P431 CZ137 G major Allegro

    K242 L202 P243 C major Vivo

    K243 L353 P394 C major Allegro

    K244 L348 P298 CZ75 B major Allegro

    K245 L450 P299 B major Allegro

    K246 L260 P296 CZ88 C♯ minor Allegro

    K247 L256 P297 CZ81 C♯ minor Allegro

    K248 LS35 P187 B♭ major Allegro

    K249 L39 P424 B♭ major Allegro

    K250 L174 P461 C major Allegro

    K251 L305 P314 C major Allegro

    K252 L159 P203 E♭ major Allegro

    K253 L320 P239 E♭ major Allegro

    K254 L219 P254 C minor Allegro

    K255 L439 P226 C major Allegro

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