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Sonatas Volume 2 K53 - K103 Harpsichord



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Currently on order. Usually available to collect in 3-5 working days.


Additional Product Information

Sonatas Volume 2 K53 - K103 Harpsichord
  • Composer/Author: Scarlatti, D
  • Editor: Gilbert, K
  • Instrumentation: Keyboard
  • Pages: 192
  • Contents:

    K - Kirkpatrick L- Longo P - Pestelli CZ - Czerny

    K53 L261 P161 VZ173 D major Presto

    K54 L241 P147 CZ53 A minor Allegro

    K55 L335 P117 161 G major Allegro

    K56 L356 P50 CZ57 C minor Con spirito

    K57 LS38 P108 B ♭ major Allegro

    K58 L158 P39 C minor

    K59 L71 P22 F major Allegro

    K60 L13 P29 G minor

    K61 L136 P16 A minor

    K62 L45 P49 A major Allegro

    K63 L84 P32 G major Allegro

    K64 L58 P33 D minor Allegro

    K65 L195 P142 A major Allegro

    K66 L496 P134 CZ98 B♭ major Allegro

    K67 L32 P125 F♯ minor Allegro

    K68 L114 P7 E♭ major

    K69 L382 P42 CZ115 F minor

    K70 L50 P21 B♭ major

    K71 L81 P17 G major Allegro

    K72 L401 P1 C major Allegro

    K73 L217 P80 C minor Allegro – Minuetto – Minuetto

    K74 L94 P35 A major Allegro

    K75 L53 P23 G major Allegro

    K76 L185 P23 G minor Presto

    K77 L168 P10 D minor Moderato e cantabile – Minuet

    K78 L75 P26 F major Allegro – Minuet

    K79 L80 P204 G major Allegrissimo

    K80 P28 G major Minuet

    K81 L271 P13 E minor Grave – Allegro – Grave – Allegro

    K82 L30 P25 F major

    K83 LS31 P31 A major

    K84 L10 P45 C minor

    K85 L166 P24 F major

    K86 L403 P122 C major Andante moderato

    K87 L33 P43 B minor

    K88 L36 P8 G minor Grave – Andante moderato – Allegro

    K89 L211 P12 D minor Allegro – Grave – Allegro

    K90 L106 P9 D minor Grave – Allegro – Allegro

    K91 L176 P11 G major Grave – Allegro – Grave – Allegro

    K92 L362 P44 D minor

    K93 L336 P38 G minor

    K94 P27 F major Minuet

    K95 L358 CZ83 C major

    K96 L465 P210 79 D major Allegrissimo

    K97 P5 G minor Allegro

    K98 L325 P219 E minor Allegrissimo

    K99 L317 P135 C minor Allegro

    K100 L355 P232 CZ105 C major Allegrissimo

    K101 L494 P156 CZ74 A major Allegro

    K102 L89 P88 G minor Allegro

    K103 L233 P233 G major Allegrissimo

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