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In store our staff can perform simple repair jobs on a range of instruments, we can restring orchestral stringed instruments and guitars for £1 per string, unstick trumpet mouthpieces, and fit adjusters on orchestral stringed instruments. We can do basic adjustments to woodwind instruments when a screw or wire has come loose, and help with valve issues on brass instruments. Our repairs are subject to staff availability and it is always worth phoning ahead to ensure there is someone available to help. Some jobs we can do in store as you wait and others we will require you to leave the instrument with us for a few hours. If you need the work doing urgently please contact us beforehand to avoid disappointment.

For larger repair jobs we have professional string, brass, and woodwind repairers that we send instruments away to. They can fix specific problems or provide a general service – please note as they are separate from our business we cannot quote at the time of sending the instrument away. The repairer can always quote beforehand and, should you find it too expensive, can return the instrument unrepaired free of charge. Depending on the amount of work required, as well as the repairers current workload your instrument can be away for a varied amount of time. We endeavor to have your instrument returned to you within a week but it can take longer, please phone ahead or ask in store for more information.


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