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Chimes Rental Scheme is highly regarded by our customers and has recently recieved praise in the LondonPortrait magazine:

 Isn’t it always the way that children want to play an instrument until just after you’ve bought it – and then announce that they want to play something different! That’s why we adore Chimes Music Shop; they have a hire service available for children, so they can try an instrument for a few months before buying.

We offer a range of student model instruments for rental. All rentals are charged every 3 months.

We are now offering 10% discount on sheet music and accessories to all of our rental customers.

Rentals are available across the three Chimes Music branches.

You can buy your rental instrument at any time, please contact the branch you are renting from to see what the price would be. Please be aware that we are unable to take back purchased instruments as part-payment on a larger size or more expensive model.

Please note that the parent or legal guardian of the child must sign all rental contracts, and you must bring 2 forms of identification in order to complete the contract – 1 form of photographic identification (ie passport or driving license) and 1 other item which acts as proof of address (ie council tax bill or bank statement etc). We are currently only able to rent out instruments for children.

Listed below are the rental prices of all our instruments. If you are after a specific model and /or size, it is advisable to phone ahead to reserve.


String rentals are on a rolling contract with payment taken at the start of every three month period. Our staff can assess the correct size of instrument for your child, and the size can be changed when needed at any point in the contract.

Violin (all sizes) Rental Price

(per 3 month period)

Primavera 100 £27
Stentor 1 £27
Primavera 150 £27
Stentor 2 £27
Primavera 200 £27
Zeller £30
Stentor Conservatoire £30
Yamaha £30

Violas (all sizes)

Stringers £42
Zeller (re-strung Violin) £30


Stentor 1 (1/8 Size) £55
Stentor 1 (1/4 & 1/2 Sizes) £55
Stentor 1 (3/4 & 4/4 Sizes) £55
Stentor 2 (1/8 & 1/4 Sizes) £55
Stentor 2 (1/2 Size) £55
Stentor 2 (3/4 & 4/4 Sizes) £55
Primavera 100 (1/8 Size) £55
Primavera 100 (1/4 & 1/2 Sizes) £55
Primavera 100 (3/4 & 4/4 Sizes) £55
Primavera 200 (All Sizes) £90
Stentor Conservatoire (1/4 & 1/2 Sizes) £90
Stentor Conservatoire (3/4 Size) £90
Stentor Conservatoire (4/4 Size) £90
  1. Violas (all sizes) and violins strung as violas are available on request.
  2. All instruments can be fitted with a professional quality set of strings (i.e. Dominant, Jarger, Pirastro) at an additional cost. A discount of 20% will be given on the normal retail price of a full set.
  3. All hired instruments are available for purchase. Prices given on request.

Woodwind & Brass

Flutes Rental Price

(per 3 month period)

Trevor James (Straight) £55
Trevor James (Straight & Curved) £65
Jupiter 700 £60
Jupiter 700 (curved head) £65
Yamaha 212 £70
Yamaha 212 (curved head) £75
Pearl 505E £75
Pearl 505EUS (Curved head) £85




Jupiter 700S-Q £50
Buffet Prodige £65
Yamaha 255 £60


Howarth S10 £189
Yamaha 241B-30 £180

Alto Saxophones

Jupiter 500 £80
Yamaha 280 £90

Tenor Saxophone

Yamaha 280 £175


Yamaha 2330 £50
Yamaha 2330S (Silver) £60
Jupiter 500 £45


Jupiter 5700 £65
Yamaha 2330III £75


Yamaha 354ECN £80
Jupiter 232 £65

Rental payments are non-refundable and are taken at 3 montly intervals, paying for the 3 months yet to come. Should you have any problems with your instrument please get in touch with the shop you are renting from and we will fix the problem or provide you with a new instrument. Should the problem require being sent away to a professional we will endeavor to provide you with a like-for-like replacement in the meantime, please note this is subject to availability and we would reccommend phoning ahead.

Should your instrument be damaged, lost, or stolen, within the rental period you are financially responsible for fixing or replacing the instrument. All of the prices are explained at the point of renting and can later be found on your contract, if you are at all unsure please contact the shop you rented from. We have professional instrument repairers that we send away to, which most of our rental customers use should their instrument be damaged. You are welcome to use another repairer as long as the instrument is returned to us in playable condition.

Please note many instruments have wearable elements, either strings or reeds, which are your responsibility to replace as needed. Both strings and reeds come with a 20% discount when buying a full set/pack, and you can also buy these individually as needed.

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