Christmas is just around the corner and our elves at Chimes have been hard at work! We’ve compiled a shortlist of our absolute favourite gifts for the musician in your life. We’ve got lots more goodies in store – you can shop online, give us a ring or come visit us in person!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Never fear, check out our complete selections of:

1. A lovely book of Christmas Carols

Christmas carols are a essential part of the holiday season! Whether you’re looking for a solo piano volume or a collection perfect for a sing-along we’ve got a wide variety of collections to choose from. We even stock christmas carol books for beginners and for ukulele players!

Check out some more options here!

2. A Snazzy Metronome

Every musician needs a metronome for their practice time! An old fashioned metronome is lovely tactile gift which can be kept for a lifetime. We carry a wide variety of old-fashioned mechanical metronomes by Wittner including the Piccolo depicted on the right.

You can browse our full range of metronomes here

3. RAT Scherzo Music Stand

We can’t say enough good about this portable music stand! It’s made of super lightweight aluminium – it’s the lightest stand on the market at only 700g! This stand is incredibly easy to assemble, replacing old fashioned clunky knobs with high quality, durable hinges. It has a quick, easy adjust locking button for the music tray and can hold fairly heavy scores.  Best of all, it’s unusually tall for a collapsible music stand, making it versatile for use at home and on the road.

Not your cup of tea? We have a wide variety of other options as well!

4. A Christmas Read!

We carry a variety of books on music – on the right, you’ll see two of our absolute favourites!

Alex Ross’ The Rest is Noise is an extraordinary achievement. In principle, it’s an overview of music in the 20th century. For the reader, it’s fascinating, completely readable and gripping from beginning to end. Ross doesn’t provide any complex musical analysis – instead, he illuminates the massive cultural trends and circumstances that surround some of the most extraordinary music created in the last century. We can’t say enough about this book!

For a younger audience, check out our ‘My First Classical’ series from Naxos! These fun volumes are playfully illustrated and come with a companion CD so that budding musicians can explore the world of classical music with fun and excitement!

5. A Tuning Fork or a Pitch Pipe

This is a particularly good gift for a singer, helping them pitch on the go and in all circumstances. We stock a wide variety of tuning forks in particular – they can be ordered at many pitches and even in Baroque tuning!

6. Musical Christmas Crackers

These fun Christmas crackers look beautiful on any table! There are several different types of novelty musical content including bells and noisemakers. Not to be missed this holiday season!

7. Music Bag

We stock a wide variety of bags, from casual totes to leather satchels.

On the right you’ll see our colourful, fun Mapac music bags which are perfect for young players – they’re durable, waterproof and fairly roomy!

We also stock beautiful leather music satchels for an older player. These handmade bags are designed to last you a lifetime and are perfect for taking your scores on the go.

8. A Beautiful Score

We have a wide variety hardbound and facsimile volumes available as an unusual, exceptional gift for a discerning musician.

Highlights include hardback full scores, hardback vocal scores and Barenreiter’s gorgeous facsimile manuscripts!

9. A Ukulele!

These little 4-string Hawaiian instruments have exploded in popularity over the last ten years and with good reason! They’re much quicker to learn than a traditional guitar and suit both adults and children. You can also get a wonderful instrument for a fraction of the price! Our Ukes are available from around £30 making them a wonderful, fun gift to give this Christmas.

Fun & cheerful Kona Ukuleles available from £29.99
Solid wood top Kona Ukuleles available from £52.99
Beautifully detailed Flight  Ukuleles from £39.99
Bohemian Oil Can Ukes from £129 – lots of fun!

10. Kid’s Gifts!

For the little musician in your life! It’s never too early to get them shaking and moving and interactive music toys are a great encouragement!

11. A Musical Mug

This is a great gift for a music teacher or a friend – simple, useful and will last them for years. We have a wide variety of different styles, colours and sizes to suit just about anyone!

Browse our full selection here!

12. Stocking Stuffers galore!

We carry a wide variety of fun musical gifts that are perfect for bulking up a stocking – from socks to pencils, keyrings, stationery, little manuscript books, games and bowties, we’ve definitely got something to suit your loved ones!

13. Rosin

A beautiful rosin can be a wonderful gift for a string player! We carry a wide variety for all types of stringed instruments – our fanciest rosin even has flecks of gold in it. You can browse our full selection online or better yet, pop into the shop and get some advice about what your string player might like!

14. A beautiful musician’s pencilbox

We love this little Henle pencilbox – it comes with three pencils, three rubbers, a sharpener and an A tuning fork. Perfect for any musician in your life!

15. Chimes Gift Card!

If you just can’t make up your mind, let your musician choose for themselves! We offer gift cards at any price point and have a selection of wonderful greeting cards for delivering one in style.

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