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booksFor Parents

The popular book Raising an Amazing Musician, by Paul Harris, is a valuable guide for any parent or carer wanting to learn more about bringing music into the life of their child. No musical knowledge is assumed and this handbook is packed with specialist advice on supporting your child through every stage of musical development, from birth to early adulthood. There is helpful advice on music-making with the very young, recognising and encouraging musicality, choosing the right instrument, getting the most out of music lessons, encouraging practice, public performance and music exams.

For Children

A fantastic book for children, My First Orchestra Book by Genevieve Helsby and Karin Eklund, is an original, colourful and lively approach to learning about music. It follows the huge success of My First Classical Music Book and Meet the Instruments of the Orchestra! by Naxos. Thirty-seven classical music tracks are included on the CD. Every instrument is featured, with clear audio examples. It also includes 60 beautifully illustrated pages that children will love.

My First Piano Book by Genevieve Helsby and Jason Chapman, fully exhibits the piano to inspire a new audience. It is a 72 page, fully illustrated hardback book, with a comprehensive introduction to the world of piano. It integrates performances by professional pianists with the early steps of playing the instrument and the publication includes two CDs and online tracks with narration and music. Each page is a treat for children to explore, as its animal characters show what they know (and what they don’t!). It is informative and fun.

Meet the Instruments of the Orchestra! by Evelyn Glennie, is another popular book for children. The orchestra can make many different sounds; it can be quiet and gentle, loud and piercing, funny, powerful, beautiful and frightening. Composers for hundreds of years have used the same instruments in a whole variety of ways. Which instrument belongs in which section of the orchestra? Does a violin really have a belly? And what do these instruments do when they venture outside the orchestra? Evelyn Glennie will help you become an expert. You’ll even know your heckelphone from your sackbut and your tom-tom from your tam-tam, all by spending hours of fun with words, pictures and music, in the book and on the interactive CD-ROM.

For Teachers

Paul Harris is one of the UK’s leading music educationalists with a vast number of publications to his name, which broach all kinds of topics within music education. He demonstrates the wealth of his experience in all of his books with an approachable style and three of his popular titles are described below.

Improve Your Teaching is an excellent, stimulating handbook for all instrumental and singing teachers, with detailed advice and practical strategies. Teachers can learn about a range of creative and accessible solutions to the challenges faced in music education. Topics covered include: lesson preparation, aural and memory work, effective practice, improvisation and composition, sight-reading and group teaching.

Teaching Beginners is an essential handbook for all instrumental and singing teachers. There is detailed advice and practical strategies, with creative and accessible solutions to the barriers faced in music education. He writes about the principals of teaching beginners, outlining advice and strategies around the topics of, approaching the first lesson, practice ideas for beginners, introducing the tutor book and notation, taking stock and moving forward, inheriting pupils and improvisation and composition for beginners.

The Virtuoso Teacher explores the fundamental issues of being a teacher and the teaching process. It is an in depth observation of topics such as: self-awareness and the importance of emotional intelligence, getting the best out of pupils, dealing with challenging pupils, asking the right questions, creating a master-plan, taking the stress out of learning, and teaching for the right reasons. This is an inspiring book for all music teachers, designed to transform teaching.

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