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accessoriesThere are many musical accessories available online or in store, to meet all your back to school needs!

Music Bags

The Mapac Musical Bag Duo is a top selling, brightly coloured, fun, music bag, with a music notes motif. The bag is ideal for holding your music and music related accessories. Features: extra strong PVC lined nylon, reinforced PVC corners, easy open velcro, which is secure when closed, safety reflector, name-tag holder, clear-plastic name-tag holder. Size 37 x 27cm. The Mapac Musical Bag Duo comes in an array of colours.


The music themed material pencil cases are in black, pink and blue they are decorated with a piano keyboard. They are a great addition to a musician’s school stationery set and a necessity for any music lover. Great for children and adults alike!

The pencil and eraser gift set contains seven pencils and two erasers making it an ideal gift for music lovers and budding composers of all ages, in a sheet music decorated box.


The Korg Solo Metronome (MA1)
A very popular, multi-function compact digital metronome, which is available in blue and red. It has an enhanced display and two types of tempo steps: pendulum steps or full steps and tag tempo function. Pendulum steps is where the tempo will increase or decrease in the same numerical steps as on a mechanical metronome, or full steps which allows you to choose any tempo between 30 and 252 in one-step increments. Tag tempo is where you can choose the desired tempo by pressing a switch in time with the beat.

Wittner Metronome, Taktell Piccolino
These small metronomes are great for children because they are compact, portable and easy to use. They have a range of 40-208 crotchets-per-second. It needs no batteries. Key features are: pocket size, wind up mechanism, swinging pendulum, tempo range 40-208 BPM, plastic case, weight 100g. The Piccolino range come in three colours: black, ruby red and ivory white.

Seiko (SQ50V)
This is a quartz metronome with easy to operate tempo dial. A simple, yet stylish, compact metronome that fits easily into your instrument case. The tempo range is 40-208 BPM and it has volume control and a choice of internal speaker or listening via headphones.

Korg Tuner Metronome (TM50)
The TM-50 combines a tuner with a metronome and is perfect for any instrument. It is the latest model, featuring a two-level backlight that enhances the visibility of the LCD display. It uses a newly designed needle-style LCD for excellent response and even greater tuning accuracy. The entry-level model provides the sound back function that allows the speaker to generate the reference tone that is closest to the input sound, giving you a great way to develop and refine your sense of accurate pitch.


Korg (GA-1)
This is an ultra-compact LCD Needle Style dedicated guitar and bass tuner. The GA-1 offers excellent features such as pitch reference tone, battery operated, 100 hours of continuous use, packing basic functionality and convenient tuning functions into an ultra-compact body.

Korg Chromatic Tuner (CA-2)

The Korg CA-2 has a large, easy to read, LED display with approximately 200 hours of continuous battery use. This chromatic digital tuner is ideal for brass, woodwind and string instruments. This is ideal, not only for beginners, but for players of any standard. The CA-2 delivers the high precision, sensitivity, and simple ease of use that you expect from KORG tuners, providing stable tuning functionality in any situation, from personal practice to ensembles and concert practice.

Make sure you remember the essentials; don’t forget strings, reeds, shoulder rests and rosin!


The dominant and prelude strings for violinists, violists and cellists come in different sizes: 1/8, ¼, ½, ¾ and 4/4.

Dominant Violin strings are the higher quality student strings and widely regarded as “the reference standard”. With dominant strings, the sound is soft, clear with stable intonation and rich in overtones. One of the world’s most popular strings!

Prelude Violin strings are the more basic, student string, made using a solid steel core. They are unaltered by temperature and humidity changes and they have excellent bow response. Prelude strings have the warmest sound available in an affordable, solid steel core string design. Prelude strings are great for children and beginners due to their unique blend of warm tone, durability and value. All D’addario strings are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA to the most stringent quality controls in the industry.


Rosin is needed to provide the bow hair with an adequate grip in order to produce a suitable sound when the bow is pulled across the strings. Rosin needs to be applied every so often to the bow because the existing rosin wears off.

One of our most popular rosins for beginner string musicians is the Hidersine rosin. The rosin is made from a unique blend of waxes and fine resins and comes in an easy open box, which is ideal for children.

Violin and Viola Shoulder Rests

The use of a shoulder rest is encouraged and highly recommended by most teachers today. It provides valuable support for the violin under the chin and it can also transform a young players posture and improve control of the instrument.

Fom shoulder rests are an affordable option, which is great for students and players on a budget. The Fom standard rest is comfortable and lightweight for natural playing. The Fom shoulder rests come in different sizes, which are compatible with 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, ½, ¾ and full size violins.

The Kun shoulder rests are very good quality and they are popular for more advanced players. They come in different shapes (original, original mini, super, solo, collapsible) and they are available in all sizes.

The Wolf shoulder rests are professional shoulder rests. There are a selection of Primo (straight) or Secundo (curved) shoulder rests in all sizes.

The Everest shoulder rest raises the instrument to an ergonomically correct and comfortable playing angle, with an adjustable width and height, so they are great for musicians with longer necks. They are strong and flexible and a very comfortable shoulder rest as they are made with extra padding and also an increased curvature.


The Vandoren Traditional reeds for the clarinet, are the most widely used reeds in the world with a superiority proven, which suit all styles of music. They are known for their excellent response in all registers and they are also extremely flexible. They come in eight different strengths (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5). The strength should be recommended by your music teacher. If you are a beginner, you will probably require 1 or 1.5 strength.

Vandoren Traditional reeds are also available for the The soprano, tenor and alto saxophone

Some music teachers recommend the Rico reeds; the most popular are the Rico (orange box) or the Rico Royal (blue box).

The Rico reeds are designed for ease of use, cut from the most flexible type of cane, unfilled for powerful tone at an affordable price.

The Rico Royal are French-filed for flexibility, fast response and clarity of tone. They produce a ‘clean’ sound, which suits classical or jazz.

Cello black holes

Cello black holes are for use under the cello spike to stop it slipping away from the player and to protect your floor!

Cork grease

Cork grease is a lip balm-like grease for woodwind and reed instruments such as saxophones, clarinets, and oboes. Professional quality grease is used on the corks to make assembling the instrument possible without damaging the cork and therefore possibly harming the instrument itself. When a clarinet is new you should use cork grease every time you put the instrument together for the first week or two. After that, the corks will soak up some of the grease and you only need to use it once or twice a week. Cork grease also acts as a preservative, keeping the wooden cork moist and thick, in turn ensuring a good seal between parts of the instrument. The Rico and the”>Earlham cork grease are popular.

Rico cork grease
Earlham cork grease

Guitar Strings (Pro-Arte)

Pro-Arte, the world’s most popular classical guitar strings are D’Addario’s premium classical guitar string sets. All Pro-Arte treble strings are manufactured by a sophisticated computer-controlled laser machine, which performs diameter and tension measurements, ensuring true-sounding, precise trebles in every set.

One of our most popular selling Pro-Arte strings for professionals and student musicians are the D’Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte

Here you can browse our other Pro-Arte strings

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