ABRSM Flute Grade 4 (2018-2021)

ABRSM LogoPlease use the links below to find the titles recommended in the ABRSM Exam Syllabus:

Grade 4 Scales and Sight-Reading
ABRSM Flute Scales & Arpeggios and Sight-Reading, Grades 1-5

Grade 4 Aurals
ABRSM Specimen Aural Tests, Grades 4-5 (book only)
ABRSM Specimen Aural Tests, Grades 4-5 (book and CD)
ABRSM Aural Training in Practice, Grades 4-5 (book and CD)

Grade 4 Pieces
One piece must be chosen from each of Lists A, B and C.
Please note that the first three pieces in each list are found in the ABRSM Flute Exam Pieces books:

ABRSM Flute Exam Pack Grade 4 (includes the Grade 4 Scales and Sight-Reading in addition to the pieces)
ABRSM Flute Exam Pieces Grade 4 (pieces only)

List A
1 attrib. J. S. Bach Siciliana (2nd movt from Sonata in E-, BWV 1031)
2 Handel Allegro (4th movt from Sonata in F, HWV 369, Op. 1 No. 11)
3 Tchaikovsky Dance of the Mirlitons (from The Nutcracker, Op. 71), arr. Gritton
4 Drouet Cantabile (2nd movt from Sonata No. 2 in A minor) Drouet: Three Little Sonatas (Schott)
5 Grieg In the Hall of the Mountain King (arr.) What Else Can I Play? Flute Grade 4 (Faber)
6 Jean Baptiste Loeillet Vivace (2nd movt from Sonata in C, Op. 3 No. 1) First Repertoire Pieces for Flute (Boosey & Hawkes)
7 Popp Piece No. 2 (from 12 Easy Pieces, Op. 371) First Repertoire Pieces for Flute (Boosey & Hawkes)
8 Mendelssohn (& Tours) The Shepherd’s Song Mendelssohn: The Shepherd’s Song (Schott)
9 Naudot Rondeau (from Sonata in G) Querflötenmusik aus drei Jahrhunderten (DVfM)
10 Rossini Figaro’s Aria (from The Barber of Seville), arr. McDowall Harlequin, Book 2 (Cramer)

List B
1 M. Arnold Solitaire, arr. Harris
2 Keith Bartlett Boogalie-Woogalie (No. 10 from Just for Fun! for Flute)
3 Blaž Pucihar Z Eriko na igrišču (from Flavta se igra)
4 J. Garland In the Mood (arr.) What Else Can I Play? Flute Grade 4 (Faber)
5 Paul Harris Caramel Carousel or Maple Nut Rag (No. 8 or No. 10 from Chocolate Box) (Novello)
6 Paul Hart Lonely and Blue (from Hartbeat)(Brass Wind)
7 Duncan Lamont The Wizard (from Mr Benn for Flute)(Queen’s Temple Publications)
8 James Rae I Didn’t Wake Up this Morning Repertoire Explorer for Flute, Book 2 (Universal)
9 Michael Regan Harmattan (No. 1 from Desert Winds)(Emerson)
10 Sherwin & Maschwitz A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, arr. Ledbury Big Chillers for Flute (Brass Wind)

List C
1 Gariboldi Study in G (No. 11 from 30 Études faciles et progressives pour la flûte)
2 Alicia Hart Scatter (No. 3 from Scatadoodledoo
3 Trad. Mexican The Mexican Hat Dance, arr. ABRSM
4 Alan Bullard Rag-time Flute or Latin Flute (No. 22 or No. 23 from Fifty for Flute, Book 1)(ABRSM)
5 L. Köhler Chromatic Polka No. 40 from More Graded Studies for Flute, Book 1 (Faber)
6 Oliver Ledbury Going Solo (from Flute Salad) observing repeat (Brass Wind)
7 Helen Madden Priceless (No. 13 from 20 Fantastic Flute Studies)(Spartan Press)
8 Mark Nightingale Hard Drive or Scart Stomp (No. 16 or No. 23 from Jazz@Etudes for Flute) glissandi optional(Warwick Music)
9 James Rae Suede Shoe Blues (No. 9 from 42 More Modern Studies for Solo Flute)(Universal)
10 Philip Sparke Party Piece (No. 40 from Skilful Studies for Flute)(Anglo Music)

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