10% Student/Teacher Discount

Posted on 11th January 2018 in Hints & Tipssocial media
10% student/teacher discount

10% Student/Teacher Discount available in-store and online!

As most of you know we give a 10% discount to music teachers and music undergraduates in all our shops. With our previous website we were unable to provide this discount online, but now we can!

Once you have set yourself up as a customer on our website you can fill in the form located on the homepage and we will apply the discount to your account. This means all orders will automatically have 10% discount applied once you get to the checkout.

We’re hoping this will make it easier for our dedicated teacher and student customers to order online rather than needing to phone the shop, as we know there isn’t always a member of staff free to help.

The form also asks for what instruments you play so that we can send relevant special offers and additional discounts to the right people, so please do take the time to tell us what you’d like to hear about!

While you’re at it you can sign up to our newsletter – we’ll be sending out emails regarding special offers, online and in the shops – please note if you’ve signed up to the newsletter before today we most likely won’t have got your contact details as this link wasn’t working.

We’ve tried to make our new website as easy to use a possible but are always happy to hear feedback and suggestions as to how it can be improved. If you notice anything that you think we could improve upon please contact us at support@chimesmusic.com¬†and we will see if the changes can be made!

All details taken will not be sold onto any third parties and will only be used by Chimes Music Limited.





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