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My First Piano Book

My First Piano Book is 72-page, fully-illustrated hardback which adopts a unique approach for its comprehensive introduction to the world of the piano. Integrating performances by professional pianists with the early steps of playing the instrument, the publication includes two CDs and online tracks with music and narration, and follows in the wake of Naxos' internationally successful My First Classical Music Book by the same authors. The book connects the discovery of brilliant piano playing (Part 1) with that very first go at pressing the keys (Part 2, which contains practical guidance).

Written by Genevieve Helsby and illustrated by Jason Chapman

Full-colour, illustrated book plus 2 CDs, Hardback, 72 pages

  • Composer/Author: Helsby / Chapman
  • Editor: Helsby / Eklund
  • Format: Book & 2 CDs
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 72

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